United Sikhs issued helpline number to provide assistance to farmers injured in farmers’ protest.


Ο Jangsher Rana  Chandigarh 

United Sikhs organized a press conference to give information regarding legal aid to the farmers injured during the farmers’ protest. He informed that United Sikhs has been providing humanitarian assistance all over the world during disasters, including advocating for the rights of minorities and marginalized groups and civil rights.

United Sikhs Director Gurpreet Singh said that United Sikhs has deployed three ambulances along with medical assistance to the farmers who were injured during the protest. Along with this, it has also been decided to provide legal aid to the injured farmers to provide justice. He said lawyer Gurmohanpreet Singh is working with United Sikhs to provide legal aid to the farmers. He said that writ petitions are being filed to get justice for the farmers who have been injured. They
Questioning the use of rubber bullets, pellet guns and tear gas shells on peacefully protesting farmers, he said that this is a direct violation of human rights.

He has also raised questions on the arrest of farmers by Haryana Police and violation of regional atrocities acts.

He said that we are fighting the cases of Amritpal Singh, Jaskaran Singh, Preetpal Singh who got injured in the farmers’ protest along with the death of Shubhakaran Singh.
Farmer leader Baldev Singh Sirsa thanked United Sikhs for providing medical aid to the farmers and said the organization had also provided humanitarian and medical aid during the 2021 protests. He said that even during the Covid 19 pandemic, oxygen concentrators were provided by the organization.

Farmer leader Ashok Balhara said that all the farmer organizations across the country will have to come together and support the farmers’ protest.

United Sikhs Director Amritpal Singh thanked donors and supporters for their support, which resulted in farmers receiving humanitarian, medical and legal assistance. He shared the Kisan Rahat helpline number +91 9999053503, which farmers can use to seek legal aid.

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