State level marital introduction conference on 7th April in Karnal: Rajkumar Goyal


Narnaul: State President of All India Agrawal Samaj, Haryana, Dr. Rajkumar Goyal said that a state level Agrawal Youth and Girls Introduction Conference is being organized on 7th April at Shri Ramlila Bhawan, Karnal. Hundreds of marriageable candidates from all over Haryana will participate in this introduction conference and select their life partners. Registration centers have been set up at more than 100 places across Haryana for the introductory conference.

Goyal said that such introduction conferences not only establish unity and brotherhood in the society but also lead to direct meeting of two families. Through these introduction conferences, candidates meet each other openly and try to understand each other’s feelings, hence these types of introduction conferences are proving to be meaningful. Goyal said that this is a golden opportunity to select a suitable life partner for their marriageable children, hence marriageable candidates should participate in this conference in large numbers.

Goyal said that the introduction conference has become a necessity of today’s time. While such type of introduction conferences make it easier to find the desired relationship, these introduction conferences are also proving helpful in preventing diseases like dowry system. Apart from this, in those families where the husband or wife dies suddenly after a few years of marriage or the incidence of divorce occurs due to unwanted reasons, the permanent solution for remarriage is also introduction conference. Keeping all these needs in mind, this huge introduction conference is being organized in Karnal.

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