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MWB’s 11th January program: Union Minister Krishnapal Gujjar, Transport Minister Moolchand Sharma will participate in the program : Chandrashekhar Dharani

MWB will distribute free accident insurance policy of Rs 10 lakh to 151 journalists in Faridabad*…

Chandigarh,(Rana). An important program is being organized in Faridabad on Saturday, January 11, 2024 at 11 am under the auspices of Media Wellbeing Association (Regd.). In which the association will distribute free accident insurance policy of Rs. 10 lakh each to 151 journalists and a seminar will also be organized. Krishna Pal Gujjar (Minister of State for Power and Heavy Industries) will participate in the program as the chief guest and Moolchand Sharma (Minister of Transport, Higher Education and Mining, Government of Haryana) will preside over the program. Giving this information, Chandrashekhar Dharani, North India President of the Association, said that many important decisions have been taken regarding this program after the meeting of the core committee of MWB. In this important meeting held under the chairmanship of

Chandrashekhar Dharani, after in-depth discussion and consultation with General Secretary Surendra Mehta, Treasurer-Tarun Kapoor, Senior Vice President Jyoti Sang, Naresh Uppal, Sanjay Bhutani, Bhuvnesh Jhandai, Manu Mehta, the organizing committee was formed. Is. In which District President Palwal-Gurudat Garg, District President Nuh-Younis Alvi, PR department in-charge Sunil Sardana, Deepak Miglani and Pawan Chopra have been included. Special guest in the program Mr. Nayanpal Rawat (MLA), Mr. Mati Seema Trikha (MLA), Chief Speaker Mr. Rajiv Jaitley (Media Advisor CM Haryana), Mr. Sudesh Kataria (Chief Media Coordinator, Haryana Government, Chandigarh), Mr. Praveen Atreya ( Media Secretary, Government of Haryana) and Gyanendra Bharataria, senior journalist, Delhi. Chairman Welcome Committee- Jyoti Sang, senior journalist-writer-literateur will be present in this event. Chandrashekhar Dharani expressed gratitude to Chief Minister Manohar Lal and Home Minister Anil Vij. On this occasion, Chandrashekhar Dharani expressed his gratitude to the Chief Minister of the state Manohar Lal for the decisions taken in the interest of journalists and said that he deeply understands the sacrifice and contribution of the journalist class.

The way the Manohar government has taken welfare decisions for this society, it will really benefit the journalists immensely. A journalist who always makes an important contribution in providing justice and rights to the deprived society never fights for his interests. For this reason, journalists always remained victims of neglect in the previous governments and this is also the reason for the economic poverty of the journalist class. Along with this, Chandrashekhar Dharani also thanked State Home and Health Minister Anil Vij wholeheartedly and said that he is always ready for the welfare of journalists in the first program of the organization organized in Ambala after the formation of the association. This gave a great boost to the organization and Vij has raised the voice of journalists at every step.

Anil Vij has always been seen rubbing shoulders with journalists. Whenever the organization placed any demand before the government, Vij, as a strong lawyer, has represented the organization before the government. As a result, journalists got their rights very soon. Seminar on January 11 at 11 am in Conference Hall, Jiva Institute, Faridabad* *Seminar topic:- Digital Journalism and Media Ethics* Chandrashekhar Dharani said that the government’s notification regarding giving pension to journalists will be issued on 14th November 2023 from the same family. There is mention of not giving pension to more than one journalist. It is requested that the government should immediately withdraw this notification. When there is a provision of pension to different members of the same family after retirement from government job. MLAs include husband-wife, father-son, brother-brother who are or have been MLAs within the same family. When they can get pension then why not different members of the same family of journalists?

He said that the notification mentions stoppage of pension or government facilities if an FIR is registered against any journalist. The government should also take it back soon. Just as there is a provision for punishment of 2 years or more for MLAs or public representatives. A similar arrangement should be made for journalists also. FIR is a First Information Report, the rule of this notification for journalists should be amended only if it is not based on a punishment of 2 years or more. He said that cashless health facility should be implemented soon for the media and their families. Media Wellbeing Association (Registered) should be provided 500 yards (one canal) space at a cheap price to set up its headquarters in Panchkula and build a building on the lines of Press Club Chandigarh. Also, residential facilities should be made available to journalists at affordable prices. Like the three pillars of democracy, toll free facility should also be provided to the fourth pillar media. Free medical facilities for media should be provided in entire Haryana.

The system of granting recognition to the rules made by the Haryana Government for digital media should be simplified and amended on the lines of the neighboring state of Punjab and other states. Even if the headquarters of any web media is outside Haryana, they should also be given recognition. Haryana Press Recognition Committee and Press Relations Committee should be re-constituted and two members of Media Wellbeing Association should be included in it. The closed accreditation system of monthly magazines and newspapers should be strengthened and restarted.


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