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Kurekshetra Uiversity becomes the first A-plus-plus grade university among Haryana State Universities.

Press conference organized in Senate Hall of Kurukshetra University

Ο Shivcharan Rana  Kurukshetra,

Vice Chancellor of Kurukshetra University, Prof. Expressing happiness, Somnath Sachdeva said that Kurukshetra University has got the distinction of being an A-plus-plus university after NAAC assessment. The NAAC Standing Committee has given Kurukshetra University an A-plus grade with a score of 3.56 based on the assessment report. The Vice Chancellor has given credit for this great success to the leadership of University Chancellor Bandaru Dattatreya, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal and Higher Education Minister Moolchand Sharma. He was addressing a press conference organized at the Senate Hall of KU on Friday after Kurukshetra University got A-plus-plus grade after NAAC assessment.

Congratulating all the stakeholders of the university on this occasion, Vice Chancellor Prof. Somnath said that Kurukshetra University is the best university not only in Haryana but in the country. The university has first implemented the National Education Policy-2020 with complete provisions in the UG program and NEP at the PG level will be implemented from the session 2024-25. Keeping in view the objectives of National Education Policy-2020, 19 online programs have been started by Kurukshetra University. MOUs have been signed at international and national level to promote research and scientific activities. An ecosystem for filing patents has been developed to promote research in the university. So far 63 patents have been registered, some of which have been published and awarded.

Important contribution of KU in the development of Haryana, getting A-plus-plus grade is a matter of pride for the university: Prof. Somnath Sachdeva

Vice Chancellor Prof. Somnath said that after the NAAC evaluation process from September 13 to 15, 2023, the university has received the distinction of A-plus-plus grade. The team had come to the university from 13 to 15 September for the NAAC evaluation of Kurukshetra University. During their visit, NAAC team members evaluated Kurukshetra University on 7 parameters which included aspects of curriculum, teaching-learning and assessment, research, innovation and extension, infrastructure and learning resources, student support and progress, It was examined on the basis of parameters like Governance, Leadership and Management, Institutional Values ​​and Best Practices etc. After this evaluation, NAAC Standing Committee has given A-plus-plus grade to Kurukshetra University by giving it 3.56 marks. He said that all the teachers and staff worked hard for several months continuously for the evaluation, as a result of which Kurukshetra University could achieve this achievement. Vice Chancellor Prof. Somnath has congratulated the Dean, Heads of Departments, all the members of the Kuvi NAAC team, teachers, staff and students for this.
On this occasion, Registrar Prof. Sanjeev Sharma, Dean Academic Affairs Prof. Anil Vashishtha, Dean of Student Welfare, Prof. AR Chaudhary, Public Relations Director Prof. Brajesh Sahni, Deputy Director Dr. Deepak Rai Babbar, Prof. Shuchismita, Prof. Mahasingh Poonia, Prof. Anita Dua, Prof. Vivek Chawla, Prof. Anil Gupta, Prof. Parmesh Kumar, OSD Pawan Rohilla, Dr. Jitendra Jangda etc. were present.

Kurukshetra University Teachers Association and Kurukshetra university non teaching Employee association congratulated
Under the leadership of Kurukshetra University Teachers Association President Dr. Anand Kumar and KUNTIYA President Rajwant Kaur, all the members of the executive met the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Congratulated Somnath Sachdeva for this.

Marks obtained in 7 standards of NAAC
After evaluation, NAAC Stiding Committee has given Kurukshetra University 3.63 for Curriculum Aspects, 3.46 for Teaching Learning and Evaluation, 3.39 for Research Innovation and Extension, 3.76 for Infrastructure and Learning Resources, 3.61 for Student Support and Progression, Governor, After giving 3.36 grade points for Leadership and Management and 4 grade points for Institutional Values ​​and Best Practices, NAAC has given A-plus-plus grade to Kurukshetra University with a score of 3.56 for the next 7 years.

A-plus-plus grades will increase enthusiasm among teachers, officers, employees and students.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Somnath Sachdeva said that getting A-plus-plus grade by the university will bring enthusiasm and enthusiasm among the teachers, officers, employees and students. This enthusiasm is necessary at every level for the university to move forward. In the coming time, the university will try to achieve international grade. It will be our endeavor that this enthusiasm remains the same in the coming years. He described knowledge creation as necessary for developed India.


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