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Illegal coaching academies, play schools should be completely closed: Ram Avtar Sharma.

Ο The question of children’s safety, education and future. The government should strictly implement the Coaching Academy Act. Warning given to officers who were negligent in taking action.

Private School Welfare Association Haryana today held a press conference in a private school in Bhiwani and demanded action against illegal coaching academies and play schools running in the city and the state. On this occasion, Amit Dagar, Karm Mirag, Sanjeev Sheoran, Dhan Singh Agarwal, Shamsher Singh, Ajay Gupta, Deepak Sharma, Parveen Soni and other school directors were present. Addressing the journalists, state president of the association


Ram Avtar Sharma said that for the last three years the association has been demanding action against the coaching academy. And till the last session, there were no rules of any kind for the coaching academy. But keeping in mind the interest of children, two months ago the Central Government issued guidelines for coaching academies to all the state governments. After this, the delegation of the association repeatedly met the Higher Education Minister and the officials of the Education Department and requested to implement the guidelines of the Central Government in the state. It was the result of the continuous efforts of the association that the government made rules and authority to recognize the coaching academy.


Ram Avtar Sharma said that rules and authorities have been made but till now neither the government nor the education department has taken any notice and illegal coaching academies are running as before. He requested the parents through the media to get their children admitted in recognized schools only because the all-round development of children is possible only in schools. Also warned the officials that if the coaching academy running illegally without recognition is not closed, then the association will take the concerned officials to the court and will also complain to the government.


Ram Avtar Sharma said that the association has no personal enmity with any coaching academy. When the government is not allowing illegal and unrecognized schools to run, then how can illegal coaching academies run? Coaching academy operators should follow the rules and get recognition or open a school. The association has no problem. But this is a question of children’s safety, education and future. And these days it can be found only in schools. He requested the parents not to spoil the future of their children by falling prey to the false promises of the coaching academy and get their children admitted in private or government schools till class 12th. Also warning the schools which use dummy names of children studying in coaching academies .

Ram Avtar Sharma said that if any school is found doing so in this session, the association will demand action against that school also. After identifying such schools, their names will be written to the officials of the Education Department, Haryana Education Board and CBSE Board for cancellation of their recognition. When asked by journalists about schools running without recognition, Ram Avtar Sharma said that he is not with such schools which are running without recognition. Every school should get recognition as per the rules and children should be admitted up to the class as per the recognition. If the names of such schools also come to the notice of the association, we will take action against them also. Regarding temporary recognized schools, Ram Avtar Sharma said that the government has adjusted about 2300 of our temporarily recognized schools by relaxing the rules, but currently there are about 900 school children and we have full confidence that the government will also give them permanent recognition. Will give. Describing his demand regarding play schools,


Ram Avtar Sharma said that like coaching academies, play schools have opened in every street and locality. People have opened play schools in their homes. This is also playing with the future of children. There are neither teachers nor support staff in these play schools. They do not have any kind of NOC. He told that the list of play schools in Bhiwani is with the Education Department and notices have been issued to all of them. If the education department officials show any negligence in taking action against these play schools, then the association will demand action against them also.

The objective of the association is only the welfare of children, parents and teachers. There is no problem in running a play school or coaching academy association by following the rules and getting recognition. Recently, Ram Avtar Sharma expressed his gratitude to the Education Minister and Finance Minister of Haryana for releasing the money pending for many years by the Education Department to the children studying free in private schools under 134A. He said that the association had been demanding release of this money for the last several years.

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